PIA South is Proud to Announce Attune, PIA’s newest commercial market

Attune offers a technology-enabled platform that allows agents to quote, bind and issue BOP, Excess Liability, and Workers Comp in less than five minutes in 45 states. They have a niche for small commercial business in the PIA Southern Alliance states and offer a competitive admitted coastal product.

Attune was developed as a partnership of AIG, Hamilton, and Two Sigma to focus on the small commercial market and to distribute products through independent agents and brokers.

Attune has no minimum volume commitments in place for PIA Southern members

  • All products with admitted and A-rated carriers. BOP – Blackboard Insurance (AIG),  Excess Liability/Umbrella – New Hampshire (AIG), Workers Comp – Employers
  • Fully bindable quotes in 5 minutes – direct bill to client!
  • Highly Competitive Rates in GA/AL/MS and Surrounding Coastal Region
  • Minimum premium for the BOP is $450, average premium is roughly $2,500.
  • TIV up to $15M
  • Competitive commissions: 15% flat commission for BOP and Excess products. Opportunity to earn more based on volume. WC commissions are 12% New / 10% Renewal.

Our target classes and where we win on price:

  • Restaurants – up to 50% liquor on casual dining, 75% liquor on fine dining; option to include liquor liability
  • Artisan contractors – rated on payroll, new ventures are acceptable. Landscapers, plumbers, electricians, drywall, HVAC, etc.
  • Professional Services – doctors, lawyers, accountants etc.
  • Processing and Services – salons and barbers, printing shops – Can also do professional liability for salons and barbers.
  • Main Street retail/wholesale/mercantile – rated on BPP
  • Commercial LROs where the tenants fit within our 370 BOP class eligibility
  • Anything coastal – includes wind and BI. Attunes admitted coastal can get within 1,000 feet of the water in GA, AL, MS, etc. 

Each member will get a direct contract with Attune, in addition to 15% flat commission for BOP and Excess, and 12% new/10% renewal commission for Worker’s Comp.


To Get Access to Attune, just fill out the Registration Form today!


Quoting so easy you won’t believe it!

Thanks to our Proven Partners

Thanks to our Proven Partners